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Creating Positive Footprints....

Economic Blueprint Board Meeting

Team EB met at Westminster to discuss progress and agree priority actions for the first half of 2018. With so much activity in all areas it was an exciting meeting.

Chaired by Jill Pay, key discussion points included a presentation from Jacqueline Winstanley on the Inclusivity Framework she has gifted to EB and which will apply across the entire Blueprint. The stages required to implement the framework were clarified with the board who will take it back to their respective groups. 

Sandy Meadows, Diana Chrouch, Almira Ross and Lola Owolabi reported that progress on the Know & Grow software has been dramatic with a pilot underway in partnership with Middlesex University. It was agreed to plan a soft launch for mid-2018.

Action points were captured by Lynn Turner and full outcomes and updates across the seven workstreams will be shared via a newsletter to be circulated at the end of Q1.