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Annual IWD Lecture at the House of Commons

Pink Shoe Ambassadors attended the annual IWD Lecture at the House of Commons. 

Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of Emmeline and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst gave an inspiring introduction. 

International development and women’s activist, author and adviser to CARE International, Helen spoke about her new book ‘Deeds not Words’ in which she writes the story of about women’s rights to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage.

Harriet Harman delivered the lecture, entitled ‘A Women's Work' she reflected on her time as a woman in Parliament and how the experience has changed since she was first elected in 1982 – with an increasin numbers of female MPs across all parties. 

Harriet also considered the pros and cons of all-women shortlists and their impact on female participation in politics.