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Vote 100 Aperitivo

At such an historic time with the centenary of the first women getting the vote we held  an extra special Aperitivo with our Ambassadors and guests. 

Aperitivo events are deliberately intimate as members thoroughly enjoy being able to spend a bit more time connecting with each other and sharing ideas. 

This time it was essential as we visited the broom cupboard in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the House of Commons to see the space that Emily Wilding Davison occupied on Census night 1911.

A small and unprepossessing place, it really is a cupboard! A plaque now commemorates the spot and was put up ‘illegally’ by Tony Benn MP. Emily’s census form gives her postal address as 'Found hiding in crypt of Westminster Hall' with the date of 3/4/1911. We must revisit on the anniversary itself.

Some if us were also able to view the Acts themselves which were on display from the Act Room just for one day.