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Creating Positive Footprints....

Public Appointments Reception at Admiralty House

The Cabinet Office is holding a series of Receptions hosted by The Rt Hon Francis Maude. The aim is to encourage more women into Public Appointments. From its aspirational aim of achieving parity, ie 50%, the Minister was delighted to tell us that almost 40% of Public Appointments are now held by women.

Pink Shoe Club was able to take the first Shadowing Scheme cohort of women to the latest event, along with Programme Director Vanda Green. 

This reception focused on appointments with the NHS. It was an excellent opportunity for the Pink Shoe Cohort to meet women already holding senior appointments to gain greater insight into the roles available and what is needed to take up a post. 

Aperitivo at Parliament Street

By popular demand we have revitalised our intimate ‘Aperitivo’ informal drinks. These select gatherings of members who are invited by ballot enable smaller groups to connect in greater depth and make a change from the larger PSC events. 

For the latest Aperitivo we were back at one of our favourite spots in Parliament Street. Along with the Pink Shoe Senate Chairman and several of the Senators, were Trustees from the Pink Shoe Foundation. We welcomed new members and were reacquainted with some familiar faces.