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Creating Positive Footprints....

Pink Shoe Summer

Summer is nearly over and back at Pink Shoe HQ we've been busy organising some exciting events for the autumn and developing our new website!

We’ll be launching our new ‘Life:Style’ forum next month. A range of events to expand our knowledge both professionally and personally, and also for members to enjoy fine foods and wines, with exciting gourmet experiences. Some members have asked us to provide more intimate events as well as the larger gatherings, so Life:Style events will offer a variety of different activities for members and friends to meet up.

The first two events are coming up: on September 27th a sparkling wine tasting from exclusive shipper ‘Grays & Feather’ and on October 4th we can improve our personal brand with an in-depth workshop from Joy Johnson & Maud Siley.

We are delighted to have been joined by Stephen Wagland, who is going to reorganise our database prior to the launch of our new e-shot. Stephen is with us as an Intern to gain work experience and has a stellar track record in riding, winning many awards and cups!

Pink Shoes on the Terrace

Pink Shoe members were hosted by Helene Martin Gee on the terrace of the House of Lords for an informal Pimms lunch in the sunshine.

It was great to be overlooking the river as we discussed our summer holidays and watched the crowded pleasure boats cruising past.

We munched delicious sandwiches and fruit, and caught up with friends in the unhurried atmosphere. Of course we couldn’t resist talking business and swapping ideas on opportunities.

We also shared our views on social media with Ambassador Vena Ramphal who is very media savvy and features in this month’s GQ as well as other magazines and on radio too.

Ambassador Averil Leimon tells us she is looking forward to opening her fab new offices in trendy Bermondsey, so no doubt we'll hear more on that and her forthcoming women-focused events in the autumn.

Mostly we just enjoyed sitting on the terrace in an unusually quiet Palace of Westminster, watching the world go by.…