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Creating Positive Footprints....

Pink Shoe On Air: A New Era of Human Potential with Sarah Matthew

Exploring and expanding human potential was the subject covered by Sarah – no mean feat in about 20 minutes!  First Sarah gave us an insight into her extraordinary career and success as an entrepreneur, despite meeting and overcoming some very tough times both personally and in business.

From a scientific background to behavioural and spiritual beliefs, Sarah then asked key questions from whether we mediate (yes - see previous On Air events) to whether we believe we’ve chosen to be here or if its more random than that. Not only does this 'New Era' have great impact on our businesses but literally on how we live our lives, more relevant than ever in these times. 

All present agreed we will continue these discussions in a future forum, there is so much to consider. To find out more, in the first instance please email us: info@pinkshoeclub.com 

Pink Shoe On Air: Resilience to Transformation with Jill Pay & Lynne Copp

This week’s On Air was a powerful session with two inspiring leaders. Firstly Jill Pay shared with us the secrets of being resilient based on her unique experience as Serjeant At Arms in the House of Commons. 

This involved being prepared for any and every eventuality, with a protocol and process in place to ensure the smooth running of our democracy no matter what occurs. Taking us to the present day and Jill’s role of Chairman of Trustees for Coram Beanstalk, where the charity is working flexibly to continue its vital activity with schools and supporting children's reading. See: https://www.beanstalkcharity.org.uk/

We then heard from transformation specialist and founder of the Worklife Company, Lynne Copp who is working extensively across the NHS with her consultancy playing a key leadership role. 

Lynne also shared insights from her award-winning book – Dancing Round the Handbags. A culmination of many years work, the title itself was a ‘lightbulb’ moment and the book explores different facets of life relating to the various contents of our bags. 

To purchase a personally signed copy please contact Kevin Copp: Kevin.copp@worklifecompany.com

Pink Shoe On Air: The Semple Wardrobe Edit with Dulcie

Creative Director of Maggie Semple Ltd, Dulcie joined us for a fascinating insight into style and how to create the perfect wardrobe. Dulcie took us through the steps to follow if we wish to ensure we’re perfectly turned out for every occasion and shared with us the magic of the jacket. 

We also gained great tips on how to refresh or remodel our clothes – Semple is even able to alter or replicate favourite pieces. To book your personal (currently virtual) Edt go to: https://maggiesemple.com/wardrobe-edit/

And in keeping with these times, Semple also now offers stylish face coverings in a range of colours. Find out more here https://maggiesemple.com/semplefacecovers/

Pink Shoe On Air: Meditation with Vena Ramphal

Spiritual teacher and wellbeing specialist Vena Ramphal led us in a wonderful mediation session which both lifted our spirits and gave each of us a sense of energising calm. 

Alongside her work in wellbeing and as a TV relationship expert, Vena trained in classical Indian dance. We are very fortunate that Vena performed for us some years ago for a Pink Shoe Birthday celebration at the House of Lords. 

Vena holds weekly ‘InPowerment' meditation sessions each Monday evening on FaceBookLive. To find out more go to: https://www.facebook.com/TheShapeOfStillness 

Pink Shoe On Air: Managing Finances with Anna Sofat

We enjoyed an excellent On Air session with Anna Sofat, founder of Addidi, angel investor, creator of the #AreYouIn Movement and Associate Partner with Progeny. Anna shared lots of practical expert tips on how best to organise our finances in these challenging times and as always her insights were professional and accessible. 

Anna took us through the options available to us, from personal pensions to Government schemes and what to look out for depending upon our circumstances. 

Anna also suggested there may be those for whom there hasn't been a financial challenge so if we're fortunate enough to be in that category it would be a good time to consider charitable donations, as many charities are being hit by the lockdown. 

See: https://theprogenygroup.com/about-us/our-team/anna-sofat/
For expert wealth management advice please email anna.sofat@theprogenygroup.com

Pink Shoe On Air: Perfecting online meetings with Noreen Cesareo

A fascinating On Air session with Noreen Cesareo took us through the art of perfecting virtual meetings. With a focus on the most popular – Zoom - Noreen shared with us the techniques to make each meeting run smoothly.

From complete novices to those using Zoom all the time, there was something for everyone. It was especially helpful to discover the best way to protect security, how to align our brand, and tips on keeping the meeting running smoothly. And don't forget to look at the camera not the screen!

As a strategic marketing expert with her own international business, Market Accents, Noreen runs many successful virtual sessions so to find out more please contact her via: http://marketaccents.com/ or follow her on Twitter @MarketAccents

Pink Shoe On Air: Building Immunity with Lyndon Gee

Our latest Pink Shoe On Air session featured healthy food expert and food futurist Lyndon Gee. Lyndon stressed that healthy eating is the basis of good health and it was clear everyone taking part was already doing this. Alongside maintaining a healthy balanced diet, we got top tips on the best vitamins and minerals to boost immunity. Invaluable advice right now.

Vitamin D was recommended as a good place to start, it helps boost immunity and while it comes naturally from sunlight, many people in the UK don’t get enough for much of the year. Oily fish, which we should aim to eat at least twice a week, is an excellent source. Vegetarians can get a good supply from eggs or diary foods and for vegans, some mushrooms provide a useful source. However Lyndon advised that a vitamin D supplement is a good idea, he takes one himself. 

Find out more via http://www.lyndongee.co.uk/ or at Twitter @LyndonGee or Instagram lyndon_gee 

You can also see many of Lyndon's recipes here: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/Guide-to-diabetes/Recipes