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Creating Positive Footprints....

Global Banking Alliance for Women Summit

It was an honour to co-host the international GBA Summit at the Houses of Parliament and its CEO Inez Murray, with almost 200 delegates from 50 different nations attending the annual event.

Supported by NatWest and hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary group for Women & Enterprise, Pink Shoe Founder Helene Martin Gee joined a prestigous panel chaired by Jill Pay, along with Julie Baker from NatWest, Karen Matthiason of the World Bank, keynote speaker Baroness Burt and Craig Tracey MP.

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Launch of Pink Sky Academy

An exciting event heralded our GEW2017 event with the launch of the Pink Sky Academy. 

Patron Deborah Leary OBE and Pink Shoe founder Helene Martin Gee chaired the roundtable along with our host The Earl of Erroll.

With a streamlined focus on the issues that really matter, the Pink Sky Academy provides unique and practical enterprise and entrepreneurship help and advice for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Based on our successful pilot during the year, these are not academic lectures but interactive peer-to-peer sessions that enable a co-learning environment and create a trusted peer group for successful and growing businesses seeking to scale-up.

During the evening we gathered excellent ideas and input from our roundtable of experts and look forward to delivering the rolling programme of seminars from January 2018.

Parliament Week 2017

As longstanding Parliament Week partners this year's event focused on the exciting Pink Shoe Time Capsule as members were invited to add their message to the future. Before moving to a commitee room some of the group gathered in Westminster Hall on a green bench!

The Earl of Erroll opened the roundtable by sharing something of his work in the House of Lords, telling us about the work of commitees and his own work on digital technology and internet safeety. 

Lord Erroll explained that the House of Lords is a revising chamber and gave us an insight into the passage of a bill - the steps a proposal for a new law takes until it gains Royal Assent.